New York City is consistently ranked as one of the most plant-based friendly cities in the country, and for good reason: there are over 70 completely vegan restaurants in Manhattan alone, and over 130 across the five boroughs. It’s safe to say that when ordering meals for any size group, you’re likely to come across a few herbivores. There’s no need to panic when navigating the many options for vegan and vegetarian catering in NYC – we’ve got you covered. Here are five of our favorite vegan and vegetarian restaurants that cater in New York City. 

Purple Thai

Purple Thai is serving up delicious plant-based catering across Manhattan. With organic, farm-to-table ingredients, Purple Thai is committed to creating traditional Thai flavors without animal products. We love an order of their Drunken Noodles washed down with a glass of Thai Iced Tea.

Zazzy’s Pizza

While not a strictly vegan or vegetarian restaurant, Zazzy’s is well known for their plant-based presence in the Lower East Side, Upper East Side, and West Village. With decadent Beyond Meatballs and pies topped with vegan cheese, Zazzy’s Pizza is a great option to satisfy herbivores and carnivores alike.

Bombay Sandwich Co.

Bombay Sandwich Co. provides delectable (and cruelty-free) Indian catering for New York City. Their wide array of sandwich options lends itself to an easy catering experience with something for everyone. If dairy isn’t an issue, try the Kale Pesto Grilled Cheese; for those who lack the lactose, the Vegan Chicken Curry Bowl is the ultimate comfort food choice.

Vistro Burger

From the creators of Purple Thai (who clearly know what they’re doing), Vistro Burger was born in 2020 with a mission: “redefining what it means to be a burger.” Their plant-based patties are made in-house by cooks from famed vegan food collectives. For your catering convenience, Vistro Burger offers easy-to-order packages. We recommend the classic All-American Burger with a side of Polenta Garlic Stix – and don’t forget the shake. 

Innocent Yesterday

Craving some dairy- and egg-free desserts for your next catered function? Look no further than Innocent Yesterday (Guilty Today). Brought to you by the group behind Zazzy’s, Innocent Yesterday offers luxurious plant-based goodies like homemade marshmallows, cheesecakes, and doughnuts. While they’re most widely known for their baked treats, don’t sleep on a gooey bowl of Buffalo Mac N’ Cheese or “Chick’n” Pot Pie.

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