Looking for a great breakfast catering in NYC? Well, New York has many excellent restaurants that also offer catering services. Now, if you don’t know which to pick, we’ve got you covered. Here in this article, you will find a list of the best breakfast caterings in NYC.

Based on the quality of the food and service of the catering we picked 8 for this list. We also considered customer feedback on various platforms like Yelp and Google Reviews as well. So, you can be sure that choosing any of these would be an excellent choice. Without further ado, let’s get right to it.

Best Breakfast Caterings in NYC

The team at CaterPlace knows that the first meal of the day is by far the most important!  This is why CaterPlace brings you the best catering choices in the NYC metro area.

Our selection of the best breakfast catering in NYC is found with persistence. There can be thousands of breakfast catering in NYC. But, finding the right one can be a bit of a struggle. This is why we’ve added several filters to help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

  1. Gracie’s on 2nd

Gracies’ Diner on 2nd Ave is a staple of the NYC dining experience. Located on 2nd Ave in the Upper East Side, Gracie’s has been serving it’s customers for over 30 years with a wide selection of dishes to serve any appetite. The owner  of Gracie’s Steve Nikolakakos prides himself on the restaurant’s excellent customer service, mouth watering breakfast and lunch catering dishes, on-time delivery, and easy to order breakfast catering packages.

The team at Gracie’s takes extra care to provide impeccable customer service to it’s customers, and has recently made some menu changes to make their catering offering more attractive then ever.

  1. Wattle Cafe

Looking for a vegan catering NYC place for a light and healthy breakfast? Then Wattle Cafe is exactly what you need. They serve fully vegan and gluten free food. These are ethically sourced, packed with nutrition and made with environment friendly procedures.

They are also known for their Australian culture inspired ambience. This will provide your guests an exotic experience to remember. We recommend trying out their superfood waffles and sourced maple syrup.

  1. Springbone

Another healthy yet not so vegan alternative would be Springbone Kitchen. They focus on providing a homemade food experience. For this they serve simple dishes that are made to please your taste buds as well as your body.

They do this using fresh ingredients, quality meats and also using simple ingredients.  that do not over saturate your taste sensation. Their hardy bone broth is a must if you are looking for something hot for the morning.

  1. Pick-A-Bagel

Established in 1988, Pick-A-Bagel is a NYC staple for bagels and other breakfast catering items. Every single one of their bagels are carefully hand-rolled and kettle boiled.

Every single bagel is also baked fresh, using the finest ingredients. Pick-A-Bagel makes it incredibly easy to build a catering order since they have a “Build Your Own” package that can easily satisfy a wide range of appetites.

  1. Honeybrains

When your looking for healthy breakfast catering in the NYC metro area for your clients or co-workers, give Honeybrains a go. All of the food options at Honeybrains were carefully handpicked and based on neuroscience.

They have a full-time neurologist and nutritionist keeping up to date with the healthiest modern food trends. Give them a shot, and the people your order it for will thank you!

  1. Egg Shop

There is nothing that speaks “Breakfast” more truly than eggs. It’s the staple breakfast for most people in the world. And for good reasons. It’s simple, rich in energy boosting calories and super yummy.

And Egg Shop takes that satisfying formula to the next level with their innovative and modern menu items. We recommend trying out their famous Pepper Boy with a refreshing cold brew. Thank us later.

  1. Manousheh Grand

Lebanese food is world famous. From tasty meats to super sweet treats, Manousheh provides it all. The best thing about this place is their wide variety of menu items. So, almost everyone can find something they like when they visit Manousheh.

They are the best bakery in NYC and have been in business since 2013. And they have been dominating the food scene ever since.

  1. Avocaderia

Avocados are one of the most popular modern food items. And if your group consist of health-conscious individuals, then Avocaderia is a great choice.

All their dishes are Avocado based. But don’t get the wrong idea that they only offer vegetarian dishes. They also have many non-veg items as well that go well with avocados. You have to try it to understand what we’re talking about.

Most Common Items In Breakfast Catering Menus

Breakfast is highly considered as the most important meal of the day. This is why it is important to have a breakfast that is filling and nutritious. From salads to bagels catering nyc, there are many options to choice from.

Continental Breakfast

Breakfast catering services serve the continental breakfast most commonly. This type of breakfast from different catering restaurants will be very efficient. This is because you will be getting several satisfying foods within one pack.

Moreover, these continental breakfast packs can be in buffet styles. Ordering a continental breakfast from breakfast catering NYC will provide variety and versatility.


Nothing can beat the effectiveness of having an omelet for breakfast. This will help bring the proper source of iron and protein to your breakfast.

Therefore, if you cannot make up your mind about what to order, a simple omelet breakfast can be a good choice. Also, a pretty popular one as well.


Pancakes for breakfast catering in NYC is one of the common choices for breakfast. If you start your day with a splash of sweetness, you will be in a great mood throughout the day. Not to mention a good kick of energy with all the carbs.

In addition, you can also add several types of toppings such as fruits, cream, and syrup. You can never go wrong with pancakes.


Bagel is another favorite option for breakfast catering in NYC. Whether it is a cream bagel or bagel sandwich, you can be benefitted from a fulfilling breakfast.

The best New York breakfast caterings also provide a lot of toppings for bagels. Additionally, you can also find a variety of bagel bread types.

These are just some of the most common items found in breakfast catering services. But, based on where you order your catering from, there would be some other exotic foods available. And we highly recommend you give them a try.

Have the Breakfast Catering Experience with CaterPlace

If you are looking for the best breakfast catering experience, CaterPlace is here to help you out. Moreover, myriads of different food choices in New York can be overwhelming when it comes to ordering breakfast catering.

This is where CaterPlace comes to sort through several catering options. While also giving you the most effective food choices out of the limitless variety. Moreover, we focus on customer experience over everything else. And that is what keeps our clients returning for more/

CaterPlace has made finding catering places easy and simple. Whether you are looking for an Italian catering NYC or an Asian catering NYC or even European, you can find it all using our platform.  In addition, CaterPlace also helps to increase any restaurant’s overall footprint. Thus, enhancing business opportunities as well.

CaterPlace also gives you cater cash points for using the platform.  You can redeem these and enjoy more amazing deals for breakfast. Various businesses, and catering managers choose CaterPlace for our amazing catering options.

CaterPlace also provides you the convenience of seeing the price per person option. Additionally, our cater cash program has also helped satisfy our loyal customers.

CaterPlace also doesn’t provide you with a controlled environment. Instead, customer satisfaction and the feeling of being in control are what we aim for.  Moreover, several catering businesses can partner with CaterPlace too to enhance their footprint. And this can give them an edge over their competition in the though catering industry.


Nothing can be more wholesome than having the perfect breakfast at the advent of the day. Especially when it’s for your office employees or putting an impression on a client. This is why it is important to be aware of the best breakfast catering NYC choices.

Caterplace is the best place for having all of your catering needs met. You can easily get in touch with the best caterers in NYC and also earn rewards for using our services. So, if you want to know about more caterings in NYC other than the ones on this list, be sure to look for them on our website.

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