The last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic have been challenging, to say the least. So many aspects of our lives have changed, and that extends into the workplace. Whether your company abandoned a brick-and-mortar office altogether, adjusted to a hybrid format, or has fully reopened, we’re all dealing with different elements of the pandemic in our work lives. 

When ordering catering for the modern workplace, there are a few extra precautions to take. Don’t worry – we’ve laid it all out for you. Take it from us; you can still have that delicious lunch spread while taking care of your colleagues’ health. 

1. Consider individual packaging

We’re all used to catered lunches featuring buffet lines and build-your-own bars. For the sake of avoiding shared tongs and open platters, try ordering individually packaged lunches for your team. Like a little professional lunch box, individually packaged lunches greatly reduce the possibility of other people’s bacteria finding its way into your meal. At CaterPlace, you can actually filter your search through restaurants that offer individual packaging. Give it a try!

2. Plan your meal according to your workplace’s policies

Is your office still following social distancing practices? If so, you may want to prepare designated seating areas or have your team approach the lunch table in waves. We’ve reached a bit of a gray area with COVID policies, so act in accordance with your company’s current status. A little bit of planning goes a long way in keeping everyone safe!

3. Prepare sanitization ahead of time

When preparing your lunch space, don’t forget any of the essentials. Think about putting large bottles of hand sanitizer in the pick-up area or provide individual sanitary wipes for your team. If you choose to forgo individually packaged meals, please consider these sanitary measures to be placed around the buffet line. Your team will be so much more comfortable and you’ll feel relief knowing that you went the extra mile!

4. Apply all extra safety measures

If your workplace ever practices temperature checks or COVID testing, the day of a big office lunch might be the one! Since office catering inherently implies groups of unmasked people mingling, any additional COVID practices that your workplace employs should definitely be enforced on catering day.

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