Welcome to the CaterPlace blog portal! It’s about time we formally introduce the company that we’re so proud of building from the ground up – this is the CaterPlace story. 

CaterPlace was built on one core principle: loyalty deserves rewards. In April 2019, a former pharmaceutical sales representative and a web developer realized that something was significantly lacking from the corporate catering industry. Sales reps and administrators can order up to $10,000 per month in office lunches and never see a return outside of the occasional free or discounted menu item. Airlines provide appealing incentives for returning customers; how did the catering industry fall so far behind? From this grievance came CaterPlace, an online corporate catering platform designed to reward loyalty like no other. 

The CaterPlace business model gives customers up to 15% back in CaterCash on every order while supporting restaurants in an unpredictable market. Unlike our competitors, CaterPlace allows vendors to choose their own CaterCash percentage to fit their business’ needs. CaterPlace seeks to benefit both the customer and the restaurant partner, a much-needed glimmer of comradery in a constantly changing industry. 

CaterPlace exists to provide the best of the best in quality, variety, service, and rewards. We thank you for your extended support as we continue to provide the best for the New York City metro area and reward our customers as they deserve – more than any other company in the city can say.  

Your CaterPlace Team

About CaterPlace

"At CaterPlace, we recognize that food choices are everywhere and practically limitless. With that in mind, our core values have always had the customer as the top priority. Not only do we want to provide you with on- time delicious food, but also reward your continued loyalty through our CaterCash program. More About CaterPlace

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