Looking for a special catering experience for your workplace? Meet Perfect Picnic, a truly unique dining adventure. This Lower East Side establishment opened doors in 2011 and has been thriving ever since. 

Perfect Picnic brings luxury, artisanal picnic baskets directly to you, taking the work out of assembling charcuterie boards and finger foods. Perfect Picnic strives to maintain a European essence in their curated picnic baskets, and take it from us – they deliver.

“The inspiration for perfect picnic came while traveling in Italy, eating my way down the Amalfi Coast feasting on local treasures of meat and cheese. Everywhere I looked people were enjoying picnics! ‘Why don’t more people in the United States eat like this?’ I wondered and immediately saw an opportunity,” founder Wendy Weston writes on Perfect Picnic’s website. “My goal became to make delicious European-style artisanal picnics as affordable, accessible, and easy to buy as a slice of pizza.”

Perfect Picnic’s menu features everything you could want for a picnic-style meal, from mini baguette sandwiches to fruit platters to assorted juices and coffee. Perfect Picnic prides itself on using locally sourced ingredients and can accommodate dietary restrictions.

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