For those who live in New York City, it’s pretty likely that you’ve passed a deli labeled “kosher.” Most people know that “kosher” refers to a set of dietary restrictions practiced under the laws of Judaism, but what do these dietary restrictions really entail? What menu items are no-go’s when catering to a crowd including those who keep kosher? We’ve broken it down for you, right here.

What is kosher?

Kosher food is food free of non-kosher ingredients, as established by Jewish law. These requirements are as follows:

  1. Meat and dairy products cannot be mixed together.
  2. Non-kosher animal (most commonly pork and shellfish) ingredients cannot be included in a kosher dish.
  3. Meat from kosher animals must be slaughtered in the correct manner.

The rules of keeping kosher explain why, for example, you may encounter a bagel deli that serves egg and cheese sandwiches but omits a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. 

How can I ensure that my meal is kosher?

While the previously listed rules are a good guide to keeping kosher, food is not truly considered kosher without the endorsement of a kosher certification agency. Only such agencies can determine if a meat product came from a correctly slaughtered animal and enforce that every single component of a meal is free of non-kosher ingredients. 

When providing food for a group that includes those keeping kosher, it’s important to choose restaurants that are kosher certified. Kosher certified restaurants are labeled with one of a variety of symbols:

Where can I find kosher catering near me?

CaterPlace offers a wide selection of kosher certified restaurants in New York City to provide your event with top-quality kosher catering.

Bravo Kosher Pizza serves the Midtown West area with Italian kosher delights, including Chicago and New York style pizzas. For a gluten-free kosher option, try Modern Bread and Bagels. Feeding a plant-based kosher crowd? Impossible Grill Bar offers vegan delights that taste impossibly close to their meaty counterparts.

For the best kosher catering in New York City, CaterPlace has your back. Place your first order over $150 and we’ll throw in a $100 Amazon gift card – it’s that easy!

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