The holidays are upon us, and one of the most important parts of any holiday gathering is the meal. Decadent roasts, flowing spirits, and… a side of criticism from extended family. The holidays are joyous and festive times, until you end up in charge of Christmas dinner. This year, ditch the side-eye from Grandma and order a catered meal for your holiday dinner. You’ll thank us later! Here are our top reasons to try catering this holiday season:

Less stress, more joy

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year… for heightened stress levels. According to the American Psychological Association, 38% of Americans report feeling increased stress during the holiday season – and only 8% report increased feelings of happiness. Yikes! The expectation of preparing a lavish and sizable roast for any number of guests is a major task during the holidays. Why not take some of the pressure off of your plate this holiday season and consider catering your holiday soiree? 


Try something new!

Typical holiday meals include any variety of hams, turkeys, and steaks. While holiday meals are a cherished tradition for some families, others may be craving a change of pace. The beauty of preordering a catered holiday meal is that you can enjoy any type of cuisine. Whether your family chooses to order a traditional holiday spread or venture out into the world of sushi, curry, and ramen, a catered meal provides the freedom to spice things up. Plus, when using an online catering platform, you can hand-select restaurants that best fit your budget and party size. For a large gathering, a build-your-own bowl or taco setup might make the most sense. For others, individually selected entrees and sides could be the best bet. Catering provides plenty of room for customization, allowing you to satisfy even the pickiest eater at the table.

Leave it to the professionals

While we’d all love to consider ourselves the Ina Garten of the family, holiday cooking allows plenty of room for human error. Combining the high pressure environment, the literal manifestation of “too many cooks in the kitchen,” and grocery stores closing early, any mishap or forgotten ingredient during the preparation of a holiday meal could easily end in disaster. Leave it to the professionals this holiday season and enjoy your festivities with peace and joy. 

The holidays are about the people you love

With many major holiday festivities involving extended family and far-away friends coming together, do you really want to take time away from your loved ones to exhaust yourself in the kitchen? While friends and family certainly appreciate a home-cooked meal, there’s nothing they’ll appreciate more than quality time with you. Catering your holiday meal gives you the freedom to celebrate what really matters during the holiday season – the ones you love most. When guests look back on their holiday dinner at your home, they’ll be grateful to have memories that include you, not just your cooking. 

Your food coma should never involve dishes

We’ve all been there – hours of indulging in hearty foods and flowing drinks leave any holiday party-goer desperate for some time on the couch. But somewhere in the near distance lies a looming mountain of dirty dishes, the ultimate indicator of a multi-course holiday meal. When you cater your holiday meal, you give yourself the gift of sleeping off your food coma without getting stuck with dish duty – arguably the greatest gift of all. 

You deserve a treat

If you’re hosting the holiday festivities, chances are, you’ve already done plenty to prepare for your big celebration. At the end of the day, catering your holiday meal is easier than going to extravagant lengths to produce a major meal. We give gifts to those we love during the holiday season – when you choose catering for your major holiday meal, you gift yourself with rest and relaxation. 

Whatever cuisine you choose for your holiday soiree, CaterPlace has your back. We even have a special gift wrapped up just for you – order through CaterPlace and earn up to 15% back in money to spend at Amazon. Plus, place any first-time order of $150 or more and we’ll throw in an additional $100 Amazon gift card! Happy holidays from your CaterPlace team. 🙂

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