Frequently Asked Questions

About CaterPlace

CaterPlace is an online platform offering a variety of catering options while rewarding loyal customers through a rewards based program called “CaterCash”.

For more detailed information about our platform, please refer to our Terms of Service Agreement and Privacy Policy.

For Customers

You will need an email address (this will be your username), password, first and last name, phone number, and a credit card. We accept almost all major credit cards.


Orders will be charged on the day that the order is completed and delivered.

Same Day orders are allowed. However, PLEASE also contact the restaurant directly to ensure they have received the order AND are able to complete it within the timeline you require. REMEMBER, CaterPlace is not responsible for ensuring your order gets delivered – that is the responsibility of the caterer.

All draft orders may be modified on the CaterPlace platform prior to sending it to the chosen caterer. Once an order has been received and acknowledged by that caterer, customers will need to contact the caterer directly to make any changes outside of the CaterPlace platform. A refund may or may not be possible based on the discrepancy of the Caterer. CaterCash rewards may or may not be affected.

From the Order page, you will be able to see the status of your order.

New Order = “An order that has been created and submitted by a customer to a caterer but the caterer has not confirmed receiving the order yet.”

Draft Order = “An order that has been created by a customer but has not been finalized and sent to a caterer. Draft orders can be modified by the customer.”

Scheduled Order = “An order that has been created by a customer and confirmed by a caterer that still has not been delivered yet. Scheduled orders can not be modified on the CaterPlace website.”

Completed = “An order that has been delivered by a caterer to the intended address of the customer. ”

For immediate help with any order, simply text or call our customer service number at  (646) 535-4875.  One of our teams members will connect with you shortly.  Please make sure to include your name and order number.

At this point, only one credit card can be used for each CaterPlace Order. Therefore, only one customer can receive CaterCash rewards per order.

For Caterers

You can sign up for CaterPlace by clicking here. You will need to provide your business name and address, contact phone and email address for orders, and catering hours for taking orders. Providing a bank name, account number, and routing number will allow faster delivery of funds to your establishment.


Currently, orders will only be sent to caterers via email. Once an order is received by a caterer, you will be able to confirm the order. If you need to modify an order, please contact the customer directly.

Changes happen, we understand. After an order is placed and confirmed with a caterer, any changes to that order will have to be made directly with the customer who placed the order. A separate order may be necessary to correct any last minute changes. It may even be easier to have a customer start an order from scratch if need be. CaterPlace will try to make the appropriate changes if possible.


Payment for orders placed through CaterPlace will be paid once a month. You will receive an invoice outlining the customers total order, minus CaterCash, tip and tax.


We try our best to make sure all grammar, pricing, and item description is correct. We are more than happy to help resolve any errors – Please email us at with your contact information and we will help resolve the issue. However, it is up to the caterer to keep their menus accurate and up to date as possible. You can change your menu by logging into the catering portal of


Referring a friend is easy. Just click here or go to the link to refer someone you think would like CaterCash points.

Feel free to email directly with the name of the restaurant, contact name, and phone, and we will contact the restaurant within 2-3 business days.

Feel free to email and we will respond as soon as possible.


To use your CaterCash points earned, go to the CaterCash section in your user profile. From there, you will see a list of CaterPlace partners you can use your CaterCash points with.

Typically, CaterCash will be distributed to your account within 3 days after the caterer marks your order as “Completed”.

For most of our partners, CaterCash will have a 1 to 1 direct correlation. For example, if you have earned 25 CaterCash points, you will be able to purchase a 25 dollar Amazon Gift Card.

No, CaterCash points are earned by you and your loyalty. They never expire.